lunedì 30 settembre 2013

Week 7: Share your resource about CC

We have now reached the end of the course organized by Creative Commons. The course was really interesting, full of ideas to think about. I think sharing your work using Creative Commons licenses is a great way to contribute to the growth and enrichment of the educational community. The experience that I realized it gave me the opportunity to reflect on the various obstacles that still prevent many schools embarking on the road of school for lack of funds. Share and use Creative Commons material can make an enormous contribution to overcome many obstacles that still keep entire populations away from the culture.
How eTwinning ambassador, I shared what I have  learned in this course with some eTwinning community. In particular, the eTwinning Tuscany has shown great interest in this topic. The regional representative told me that for several years has been carrying out studies in this regard and that the material presented by me  was full of information and enrichment. As a teacher I just developed a project with a school in Greece on digital citizenship in which one of the fundamental concerns precisely the use of Creative Commons licenses. At the base of the whole project there will also be the use and sharing of resources according to the criteria Creative Commons.

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